E-mail Newsletter Power Rankings 6/23

So the World Cup has been killing any diligent intentions to be productive lately, and I’ve had to force myself to squeeze in some work between the last match of the day and the time my wife gets home. She has a new job, so I don’t have to drive her about town. Gives me more time in the day so now I have to get used to actually working in the late afternoon.

Sidenote: just had this published, my first at my new gig at Contently. I’ve got a ton of stuff waiting to be edited from there, though. And finishing up a piece for when they’re ready.


3. Austin Kleon with his weekly newsletter, the latest being filled with some exceptional, diverse links. Austin is one of my favorite writers, probably more for the things he reads/writes/watches and blogs about than his actual writing, though I do have his two latest works and enjoy his blackout poems (there are always a few in the newsletter, which is nice). His newsletter is the best of his Tumblr, but honestly you should just follow that too because it kicks ass.

2. Kevin Nguyen‘s newsletter is another that only comes around once a week or so, and it’s often more of a mini-essay plus a few links, as opposed to just a bunch of links like some. This is a good thing, I think, because it means that he recognizes what he is able to do on a weekly basis without running out of things too quickly. This week he talks about the struggle between a nifty use of Yo that also spoils World Cup matches for him. And he’s always, ALWAYS, got a sweet GIF at the end.

1. Rusty Foster’s Today in Tabs makes the list again this week, and honestly it was his Star Wars Episode II quote that sent it over the edge. HATERS GONNA HATE. But for real, there’s been a buttload of things happening in the internet media/publishing/etc world lately and I give a little crap but not enough to take time away from watching the World Cup to figure out the deal. Rusty’s newsletter gives the slightest of details that are enough to know what’s happening without getting bogged down by every little piece of info. And he’s always sarcastic about pretty much all of it, so even better.


I’d like to start my own newsletter soon, but honestly I just don’t think I’m at the point where anyone would subscribe. Soon.

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