E-mail Newsletter Power Rankings: 6/05/14

Trying to revamp my blog here, I’ve finally broken down and self-hosted a website. Still obviously using WordPress, but I’ve yet to be happy with a theme/look yet. So this looks pretty unfinished, and some of the pages are blank or broken. MY APOLOGIES. I WILL FIX SOON.

A series I want to start doing here is rooted in the seemingly endless supply of newsletters I have subscribed to. Is it 2004? WTF?! I feel like I went into a coma and woke up subscribed to all of these newsletters with a million links to add to the million links I’ve fave’d on Twitter and saved to Pocket. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?

But anyway, the series is going to be a Power Ranking (of course it’s supposed to be capitalized) of the newsletters I have received in the past week-ish. If you have suggestions for more newsletters, I’m gonna be a little masochistic and ask you to send them my way so they can be included in the E-MAIL NEWSLETTER POWER RANKINGS

I’m gonna start with a top 3 and maybe occasionally a mention of one for being really awful. Don’t think I have one of those right now.

3. Today in Tabs by Rusty Foster: Rusty’s newsletters are great, but they can be overwhelming. The links lately have been good, but some days I just laugh at the snarky tweets he embeds and skip around until something catches my eye. WE DON’T ALL HAVE A MILLION HOURS AND/OR TABS, RUSTY. But if you like loads of sarcasm and a newsletter that often takes the form of a giant subtweet, get on the RustyTab train.

2. NextDraft by Dave Pell: I’ll admit, the logo for this newsletter screams Nickelback-meets-Gibson but I let it slide because Dave puts together some awesome links. I forgot what it was a week or two ago, but Dave uncovered some awesome article that people were fawning over for at least half a day. But today, he had some excellent World Cup-related links and summed up a few of the “stories of the day” that I had seen referenced but hadn’t taken the time to research. So he gets second place today for helping me be lazy. Bravo!

1. 5 Intriguing Things by Alexis Madrigal: AM is one of my favorite journalists working today, and I swear the dude knows everything about everything. He goes from writing tech-filled articles to penning these huge philosophical treatises on cybernetics and terminators or something. But his 5 Intriguing Things is always the most concise (and somehow, always in my inbox at the buttcrack of dawn) and easy-to-read newsletter out there. But today’s newsletter about balloons was way more interesting than 5 stories about balloons should be.


So there you go. The first power rankings DONE. Now to make this website not look like a hot pile of garbage.

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