Achtung Baby Special: Zoo Station

In honor of the DELUXE (always a good sign) release of my favorite album ever, “Achtung Baby,” I’m going to talk about each song individually and what it means to me, why it’s so good, etc.

So first up, “Zoo Station,” the kickoff, starter, etc etc. The name of the tour following the album’s release comes from this song, and it really sums up the zeitgeist of the country in which Achtung Baby was born. The Edge’s grungy guitar riffs start the song out, showing how much U2 had really changed from their “Joshua Tree” days. This was the first proof that the band had reinvented themselves, becoming so much more than the decidedly “classic rock-ish” feel of previous albums. Zoo Station invited the listener to go on this trip with the band, to become a part of the future of music.

I’ll rate my songs in terms of “favorites” even though that is nearly difficult with this album, at the end of the series.

For now, have a listen to Zoo Station, and start your trip to Berlin, where U2 revolutionized music forever.



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